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Bar Code Readability

  • Allows warehouse staff to read manufactures bar codes on your product.

  • Cross reference product in our system using your existing bar code asset management tags.

  • Save time and insure accuracy by being able to read existing tags on product.


The ​Chesapeake Healthcare Planning Asset Management Service is a bar coded warehouse system built specifically for the healthcare industry. All customer information is entered through a portable data collection device to ensure proper transfer of assets.

Work Order Receipt

Bar Code Tracking

  • Ensure greater accuracy in tracking your product.

  • Complete “piece level tracking” TM through its life in our warehouse.

  • Provide a full warehouse location system for fast retrieval of your product.

​​Asset Management Services

Less Paperwork / Timely Reports

  • Eliminate filtering through multiple handwritten, outdated reports.

  • Receive timely, legible reports in an electronic format.

  • Generate reports suitable for management meetings, product verification, asset management, and cost containment.

Customer Data Collection Profile

  • Creation of a unique profile which allows warehouse staff to capture only the information you need.

  • Ability to track product according to your cost centers.

  • Consistency is insured through data collection devices which prompt users through inventory.

 Customer Internet Access

  • View your inventory on line 24/7.

  • Eliminate phone calls by always having the most recent data available at your fingertips.

  • Run reports and place work orders at your convenience.

  • View the most current, accurate data available.

  • Impress your staff and managers with real-time product inventories and reports.

  • Ensure security through User ID and Password access.

ASM Overview

Benefits of ASM

  • Conduct a complete inventory of each facility for all unwanted/excess equipment & furniture.

  • Identify all unwanted/excess assets, by facility, department, room & storage area.

  • All unused assets will be loaded into an equipment database with a Life Expectancy report & pictured for disposition.

  • All excess assets will be moved to the warehouse & staged accordingly.

  • Excess assets will be listed online for re-use for any facility for any need as applicable.

  • All Department Managers in coordination with Purchasing and Finance will have access to request any stored equipment online for immediately delivery & transfer.

  • All End-Of-Life equipment & furniture will either be donated or thrown away.

Digital Imaging

  • Eliminate the delivery of wrong product by seeing it before you receive it.

  • Identify difficult to describe items easily.

  • Save time, money and aggravation.

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